We are responsible for council owned car parks. All of our car parks are situated within easy walking distance of the town centre with most of them offering free and low cost parking including charges from as little as just £1 for four hours. 

On Street parking
Lancashire County Council is responsible for parking on the street and the blue badge scheme.

Changes to parking in Chorley town centre​
A number of changes have been introduced across all town centre car parks to give visitors additional free and low cost parking.  If you are parking in Chorley town centre, please check the tariff board before obtaining a ticket.  For full details on the new tariffs, please download the new parking tariff leaflet under the download it section.

​Hollinshead Street car park and Back Mount Street car parks are​ now open to the public seven days per week (previously it was a staff car park Monday-Friday). It is free for the first hour or you can get three hours for £1. 

Flat Iron car park ONLY customers must obtain and display a Time of Arrival ticket and abide by the 2hr maximum stay during the FREE periods (Saturday 1pm – 5pm, Sundays & Bank holidays 8am – 5pm). Please note the 2hr maximum stay also applies to Blue Badge holders at all times.​

All car parks have the function to issue a Time of Arrival ticket for the free periods.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

*****Park and ride*****

A free park and ride service is now operating from Morrisons car park, on Brooke Street, and the bus stop outside Booths, on Union Street. This is to help provide more parking spaces during busy times and will run from 9am until 5.30pm every Tuesday and Saturday. Buses will be every 15 minutes from Morrisons.

  • Car parks

    Pay and Display charges apply to all vehicles parked between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday inclusive and 8am and 1pm on Saturdays.

    Flat Iron car park ONLY customers must obtain and display a Time of Arrival ticket and abide by the 2hr maximum stay during the FREE periods (Saturday 1pm – 5pm, Sundays & Bank holidays 8am – 5pm). Please note the 2hr maximum stay also applies to Blue Badge holders.

    Blue Badge holders are welcome on all of our car parks and in addition to designated spaces, all holders of official disabled permits may park in our other car parks for up to four hours free in any space throughout the car park.

    * Please note that Fleet Street car park is now designated as a long stay and a short stay car park. Please be aware there is no physical barrier dividing it, however there is clear sigange and a blue demarcation line.

    Long stay car parks Short stay car parks
    ​Farrington Street ​51 spaces ​Flat Iron ​170 spaces
    ​Friday Street ​163 spaces ​​Fleet Street 49 spaces
    ​Friday Street North ​33 spaces ​​Portland Street ​101 spaces
    ​Fleet Street ​58 spaces ​​St Mary's ​44 spaces
    ​George Street ​33 spaces ​West Street ​110 spaces
    ​Queens Road 102 spaces ​Hollinshead Street ​69​​ spaces
    ​Water Street ​71 spaces
    ​Back Mount Street ​ ​25 spaces
    Plus we have more than 100 spaces available at the park and ride sites at Woodlands, off Southport Road, and Morrisons, on Brooke Street, which are open every Tuesday and Saturday - you can view the timetable here​​.
  • Coach/Caravan and Oversized vehicle parking

    Coach parking bays are available on-street at Water Street PR7 1EP, some may be available at Chorley Interchange and all visits must be booked in advance.

    To disembark / embark at Chorley Interchange please call 01257 261910 to book in. Charges apply.

  • Disabled parking

    Blue Badge scheme
    Blue parking badges allow cars carrying people who are registered blind or who have severe walking difficulties to park near shops, stations and other facilities. In Chorley, this scheme is administered by Lancashire County Council.

    For more information and to apply for a Blue Badge contact the Lancashire County Council Customer Service Centre on 0845 053 0049, or apply online.

    Disabled parking bays
    Provision of a disabled parking bay near the home is administered in Chorley by Lancashire County Council, which is the Highways Authority and social services provider in the Borough. For more information and to apply for a disabled parking space contact Lancashire County Council.

  • Electric Vehicle charging points

    There are two Electric vehicle charging points available on the Flat Iron car park near Shopmobility. These charging points are free to use but please purchase a valid pay and display ticket for the duration of the charging period.

    Alternative charging points are available at Chorley Asda, Bolton Street, Chorley, PR7 3DL.

  • Long stay car park permits

    We operate a long stay ‘virtual’ permit scheme which enables you to park seven days a week on any of our long stay car parks throughout the borough at greatly discounted rates. Please note this is the ‘long stay’ only car parks. You can purchase a 6 month or 12 month permit at any time. 

    • A 6 month permit is £160
    • A 12 month permit is £300
    • Parking permit terms and conditions can be viewed

    How to apply
    Apply and pay for a permit online. If you are experiencing problems with this service telephone 0845 505 2525.

  • Residents' parking permits

    The residents' parking permit schemes are operated by Lancashire County Council and administered by us on their behalf.

    Residents and/or businesses occupying properties included in the scheme can apply for either a 6 or 12 month permit which will now start from the day you apply so your permit won’t expire at the end of December as before.


    Resident parking permit fees business parking permit fees
    6 months                12 months 6 months                     12 months
    first permit £10                            £15 £120                              £220
    second permit £20                            £35 £120                              £220

    How to apply

    You can apply online and make payments by debit/credit card. If you do not have access to a computer or do not have a credit/debit card please contact us.

    A list of eligible addresses for the current schemes is available. Terms and conditions about permits must be agreed to before a permit is issued.

    Refunds will no longer be issued for permits surrendered before the end of the 6 or 12 months.
  • Useful Information

    Audit and accounts
    We are a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee. The Joint Committee publishes an Annual Statement of Accounts which is subject to External Audit and the arrangements for 2011/12.

    Private car parks
    Planning permission to operate a private car park will need to be sought before the intended opening of a private car park. There are planning policies in place which states that private car parks may no longer be able to open in town centres to encourage the use of public transport. Newly built business premises will also be discouraged from providing parking facilities if they are situated in the town centre. Should you require further information on private car parks please contact us.

  • FAQs

    Who carries out parking enforcement?
    We control parking enforcement on our own 13 pay and display car parks. On street parking enforcement, which means anywhere other than the car parks is carried out by Lancashire County Council.

    What happens if I get a parking ticket?
    Less than one per cent of motorists receive parking tickets in Chorley. If you do receive a ticket and wish to appeal or pay your ticket online you will need to contact the organisation who issued the ticket.

    For tickets issued  on a Council car park, please contact Chipside.
    For tickets issued anywhere other than a Council car park, please contact Lancashire parking services.