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Fair Collection Charter

Fair Collection Charter

1. We want to do everything we can to support our residents and businesses in paying their bills.

2. We understand that sometimes people find themselves in financial hardship or vulnerable and will need support and advice. We are here to help and will always work to support them.

3. Where people have no means to pay there is no benefit in pursuing enforcement action, incurring additional costs and increasing their vulnerability especially if this could impact upon mental health, well-being, and self-confidence. Doing so also places additional demand on public services.

4. This charter seeks to support local residents and small and micro businesses, with fewer than 250 employees or sole traders, registered and trading in the borough.

5. This charter will enable us to take a fair and sensitive approach whilst also ensuring that we meet our responsibilities to collect money due to help us to pay for the services we deliver.

This Charter:

6. Sets out how we will identify the support and help you may need.

7. Explains what you can do to help us to support you.

8. Provides information about the support and help available.

9. The charter will apply to the collection of money such as:

i. Council Tax

ii. Business Rates

iii. Housing Benefit overpayments

iv. Miscellaneous invoices such as rents and fines

v. Fixed penalty notices for parking and environmental crime

10. From time-to-time we will review this charter and update it if the law changes or for guidance.

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