If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness. It is important to get help as soon as you have a problem. The council have trained officers to help stop you from losing your home. They can also help you move to more suitable accommodation.

People sometimes think that homelessness just means sleeping on the street, but this is not true. You are classed as homeless if you have no permanent accommodation of your own so this could include:

  • sleeping rough
  • staying on the sofa or the floor at a friend's house
  • living in a hostel or refuge.

You may also be threatened with homelessness if you have your own home but are at risk of losing it for reasons, such as:

  • being asked to leave by your landlord
  • being asked to leave by your parents or family members
  • suffering domestic abuse or harassment
  • getting into rent or mortgage arrears
  • relationship breakdown.
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